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Regroup and Regrounding Mindfulness Technique

Regroup and Regrounding Mindfulness Technique On this episode of the Mindset Pod Lottie shares a simple mindfulness technique to help you to regroup and reground, enabling you to move forward in those situations when you feel temporarily out of step with...

Living Life On Your Own Terms with Maria McMahon

Welcome To Our Interview With Maria  On this episode of the Mindset Pod I was thrilled to welcome Maria McMahon - Infinite Self-Worth Coach & Therapist Maria specialises in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Inner Child Healing, EFT, Brainwave Entrainment...

Dealing with Those Challenging Days – Lottie Moore

Dealing with those "challenging days" Hi - Lottie here - this week's podcast is a live I did on Facebook this week in response to a few messages I have received  over the last few days from people feeling overwhelm from the challenges that life throws us...

About Lottie

Master Firewalk Instructor, Lottie Moore,  believes in walking the path less travelled, which has taken her from living in Burkina Faso to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world, alongside the adventure of supporting others to step out of their comfort zones whatever the past has thrown at them.


Her passion is to support others to experience life beyond their limitations, to enable them to take the leap into their extraordinary where they can enjoy personal freedom, adventure. AND inner peace.

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