Welcome To Our Interview With Sonia 

Welcome to this episode of the Mindset Pod where I am thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to  Sonia Grimes, a Recovery Coach.

Sonia is a pioneering expert Recovery Coach, who has taken 40+ women from food & alcohol panic to peace. A recovered alcoholic of 28 years, Sonia stopped drinking, suddenly and easily, 4 years ago. Therefore, she uses her experience, insight & Master Coaching skills to gift that freedom to others. Sonia is the author of her internationally acclaimed recovery memoir, This Isn’t Me (available on Amazon), which has a 95% 5 star rating and a Highest Rated Award on Goodreads, as well as being a proud Finalist in the prestigious Business Girls Awards 2019, in the category of Most Inspiring Business Girl, 2019.

In addition to all of this, Sonia is also a renowned advocate of nutrition & wellness in recovery.

You can connect with Sonia over on  Facebook. and find her Twitter and Instagram Do listen in to this Mindset Pod! https://youtu.be/AekW65ATEc0  


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