Welcome To Our Interview With Dani

Today’s interview is with Danielle Downey.  

Best selling author of It’s No Secret, Thriving After Surviving, speaker and resilience mentor.

Having faced multiple adversities throughout my life  Dani decided aged forty that enough was enough. I set out on a self development journey to heal herself and change her life.
Coming to terms and accepting that she was a survivor of abuse, was stuck in toxic family relationships with little confidence was where she first started my journey.

Four years on she has changed my life for the better and now seeks to offer support and hope to others so that despite their challenges and traumas they too can achieve their goals and dreams in order to leave a thriving life.

In writing her best selling book she sought to inspire and motivate others, by sharing with them her secrets of resilience to help them to move past difficulties, find forgiveness and learn to trust themselves and their paths.

Through her speaking she is able to help audiences, companies and groups to ignite their potential and achieve greatness.
Self-belief and mindset is the key.

Danielle also runs the Speak Out Sisterhood Facebook group for anyone who identifies as female who has suffered sexual violence to find strength, love, and light.



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