Welcome To Our Interview With Kaye


I totally enjoyed doing this interview with Kaye A. Peters is a nearly 82 year old woman who began a self-transformation in 2015, recently turning 78, when she created her blog, Liferays.net, The interactive Passage of Energy Between Us.

Here she shares her intimate personal journey toward spiritual growth and enlightenment, encouraging authenticity of Self.

She started a Facebook page, Just Sayin’ Kaye A. Peters, where she has produced hundreds of unscripted videos, and live-streams 24/7 365 on this page.

She thoroughly enjoys the privilege of living life in the NOW, and openly declares she loves herself more today than ever before, and she loves this time of her life more than any other time of her life. Since late 2017, Kaye has published four books  which are a series of anecdotal essays and life conclusions which reflect her own life journey.

Kaye has been married three times, and raised two sons. She was self-employed for 21 years as an Executive Recruiter. Her story is not all rosy. Her eldest son took his life in 2011. Kaye’s life learning is vast, and she’s happy to pass on anything and everything that might help others.


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