What would life look like if you knew NOTHING could hold you back?

Join us on a journey to a Life Beyond Limitations

Who is Life Beyond Limitations Tribe for?

Monthly Mindset Support is brilliant for anyone! But membership to Life Beyond Limitations tribe is specifically for you if…

  • you feel you have the potential for creating more in your life, but also like you’re not quite achieving it
  • you’ve heard talk about stepping out of the comfort zone but don’t quite know where to start
  • you’d like to establish a positive mindset routine but would like some guidance on how to go about it
  • you lack self-confidence or find self-doubt can get the better of you
  • you have good intentions of creating a positive mindset routine, but you fall into bad habits, or find it hard to stick with it long term
  • you seem to have ceilinged-out and need some motivation to move forward
  • you recognise that Mindset is key to most people’s success and want to ensure you’re living life to the absolute best of your ability
  • you want to connect with people on a similar journey to you

What can you expect more of when you join the

Life Beyond Limitations Tribe?



Peace of Mind


Here at the Mindset Pod we love nothing better than looking beyond your limitations… But we also recognise that most people need a bit of help getting (and staying) there.

If this resonates then the monthly mindset support in our Life Beyond Limitations Tribe is for you!  Providing the only MAP you’ll need to gently guide you out of your comfort zone, create a mindset for success, and support you to stay there.

The results will speak for themselves

I believe mindset support should be available to anyone, so have put together a package that has something for everybody ~ which one is right for you? 

These prices are locked in for life ~ don’t miss out

What kind of Mindset support can you expect from Life Beyond Limitations?

Top tips, accountability, and encouragement are just a few of things you can expect to receive.  Here’s how…

Journaling prompts

pdf workbooks

How to set intentions

Affirmation guidance

cheatsheets and checklists

Peer support


New friends

Fresh ideas

Kindred spirits

A chance to ask questions

Film & audio inspiration

New & classic ideas

Facebook lives

Regular motivation

Why work with Lottie?

Master Firewalk Instructor, Lottie, believes in walking the path less travelled, which has taken her from living in Burkina Faso to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world, alongside the adventure of running her own business.
Her passion is to support others to experience life beyond their limitations, enabling them to step out of their comfort zones and carve out a new reality for themselves so they don’t feel a need to go back.
Her work and experiences have encouraged her to focus in on the difference a positive mindset can make to all areas of life, and she is now dedicated to sharing these secrets to fulfilment and success with others whenever possible.
Lottie delights in running her Mindset Metaphors training and retreats in the far-flung areas of the World, and is now super-chuffed to offer this online opportunity to gain access to her expertise and teachings too.

Lottie offers exceptional training and mindset coaching
which allows you to step out of your comfort zone and realise your power and potential. You are in very safe hands.


International Image Coach, Jo Baldwin Trott - The Colour Evenagelist

I’d like to thank Lottie Moore
for her support, inspiration, and encouragement. I will be back to do more work with her. I am still buzzing from the experience!


Homeopath, Homeopathy With Helen

Lottie is skilled at bringing out the best in people
and is realistic and understanding of the challenges people can face individually.  When I see Lottie, I find that during and after the experience, I feel positive and energised.


Clinical Massage Therapist, Move Well Massage

I believe mindset support should be available to anyone, so have put together a package that has something for everybody ~ which one is right for you? 

These prices are locked in for life ~ don’t miss out